About SizChart™

SizChart to Shopping Cart

SizChart™ patent-pending technologies create innovative size charts, customer size-accuracy reviews, and visual media of products conveniently in one place --the best place-- near your product's online SizChart™.

SizChart™ reduces size-related brand disappointments, wasteful returns, and associated reverse logistic costs. Reassure your online customers with accurate size information so online customers feel sight-unseen-certain about their sizing decisions at this critical buying moment. Provide your customers forward-moving journeys with SizChart™ interactive sizes, rather than forcing customers to tap or click away from the critical point of sale in order to do research about your brand's size reliability.

Online Sizing Gets Real - Tier 1

SizChart™ replaces old-style static size charts with interactive near real-time SizCharts.

SizChart™ introduces interactive and editable SizCharts that keep you in control of your brand's size offerings throughout the product's life cycle. Patent-pending technology creates interactive selectable sizes which are easily locatable with highlight-able rows. Start saving money, time, and brand integrity with near real-time SizChart™...Sign Up (click here)!

Size Experience Sharing - Tier 2

SizChart™ is the place for meaningful conversations about true sizes. Learn from others who have experience sizing the same item.

Open size communication lines with and amongst your online customers. Stop losing money and products due to online customers buying the wrong size or items in more than one size-- and then returning items that do not fit (a waste of valuable resources, time, and money). SizChart™is the only innovative online sizing hub where everyone shares sizing experiences. Online users of SizChart™ are making informed sight-unseen size decisions and are more likely to get the size they need while avoiding disappointments and returns due to size issues.

Tailored Size Suggester - Tier 3

SizChart™ is Size Smart.

Cutting edge SizChart™ technology and algorithms will allow your customers to request and receive personalized size suggestions specifically tailored to your products.